Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Don’t Suck


We’ve never met Tyler Martin the creator and star of this deliciously funny and totally politically in-correct web series, BUT we just know that this probably is the story of his very own life.  Warts and all.  You just cannot make this stuff up.

The on screen Tyler is a self-obsessed overly-dramatic young gay man who on a whim drops out of college in Texas to move to New York City because he feels he is destined to be a big Broadway star.  (Sound familiar so far?) He discovers that his new bedroom is no bigger than a closet and that his roommate is a well-endowed nudist.  Tyler is soon joined by his clingy best-girl-friend from back home and as fate would have it (!) the very first day he is in the big city he runs smack into his high school old flame who he is still pining after.

Tyler is determined not to suck at anything in his new life (except for the obvious) but naturally he does.  Starting with his very first audition. 

He is an extremely likable geek who revels in his insecurities but is still smarting from the rejection of his family back in Texas. His naivete is refreshing but not annoying as like most things about his character, it comes over as authentic and totally relatable.

Martin has now successfully joined an elite group of young gay actors who have taken control over their own careers  by creating  their own work.  What is equally impressive is that the whole production and very witty scripts etc are put together so professionally that hints at a maturity well beyond his years.

It’s a delightful series to binge watch and get invested in its outcome, and the title proves to be very accurate as Tyler doesn’t suck.  Well apart from when he’s in bed and for once he doesn’t need to pleasure himself.



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