Monday, April 3rd, 2023

Dan Savage’s HUMP the indie amateur dirty film fest for EVERY body is BACK



Dan Savage’s 18th Annual HUMP! Film Festival features all new films in 2023 and is currently screening in theaters across the U.S. & Canada! HUMP! is a lovingly curated festival of short erotic films made by real people for real people. The filmmakers and stars show us hot and sexy, creative and kinky, ultimate turn-ons and craziest fantasies. The program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes—all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. HUMP! will shock you. HUMP! will make you laugh. HUMP! will turn you on. HUMP! has been successfully disrupting the way America sees, makes, and shares porn since 2005. 



Two queer space cadets cruising the galaxy crash land on a strange planet. Things really go awry when the planet’s inhabitants appear…insatiable.





Body Language

When two bodies merge. A common language is made. Hearts beat as one.





Demon Seed

A story of a young mage, Damian Dragon, taking a risk and building a bond with the Demon, Kemono Dragon. The young Mage summons the Demon, for his commitment, protection, power and most of all to bear his child.




Mr Yamface

Ever wonder how your dolls fucked?






No Translation 

When a Translatina immigrant from Colombia meets a Transmasculine Brooklyn Boy, they discover that their love goes beyond Spanish or English.





Ronald McBottoms For Some McDicken 

American national treasure, Ronald, thought he was one of a kind, until now! When Ronald meets Ronald, worlds collide, and lust blossoms into a food-fight fiasco full of mustard and mayo… and we’re lovin’ it!






State of Mind

BDSM can be a pathway to spiritual transformation when practiced in ways that are safe, sane, and consensual. For this to happen, the union between Dom and sub must be built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, and communication.





The Boy with the Tighty Whities

This short film explores a young man’s curiosity for fetish and kink, with a focus on tighty-whities and wedgies.







The Hump Tour lands at O Cinema in Miami on 4/24 + 4/15 : get the full list of Cities  HERE

plus for the very first time HUMP is streaming online click HERE




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