Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Coming Out

Erik is an openly gay radio personality with one of the top-rated talk-shows in the country, and as one of the most celebrated and successful members of the community he is just about to be elected the next President of Hungary’s leading gay rights organization.  He is also about to marry Balázs his partner of 5 years. In fact life could not be more perfect for the 40 something year old man. Until the accident, that is.
He gets knocked down by a motorcyclist and wakes up in hospital to discover that the biker is not only a woman, but she is also the Doctor who is looking after to him.  And just when he is taking that all in, he discovers that the knock on his head has turned him completely straight.  It’s not even amnesia when he forgets he has a hot loving partner, but that he finds himself ogling women’s breasts and even getting a ‘woody’ when he comes across a nudie magazine.
This very offensive so-called comedy with it’s heavy handed crude message that being gay is just another curable illness is probably one of the worst pieces of propaganda that I have seen coming from the old Eastern Block of Countries for a very long time.  It was funded to the tune of $1.25 million by the new right wing Christian government of President Orban specifically to make a family movie that would appeal to a majority conservative audience.  The sad thing is that it worked, and has become a major box-office hit domestically.
To make sure that we realise that this ‘coming out as a straight man’ is not just a phase he is going through, Erik gets a second bang on his head to see if he can become gay again.  When that doesn’t work, he falls in love with the Doctor and replaces Balázs with her in his bed and at the altar.
I saw this one, so you really wouldn’t have too.

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