Friday, October 27th, 2023

Bad Together : a new movie from Dekkoo about messy gay relationships that we can all relate too


For some of us, Bad Together is a mini-series that may strike too close to home, but nevertheless, we will not be able to tear ourselves away from the screen. Its story follows the ever-evolving, sometimes supportive, sometimes ugly bond between two young gay guys.

The story opens with  Robbie (Andrés Erickson), fresh from a breakup and in a dark place, and very much in need of a friend!  Then he meets Cameron (Queer Niro), the life of the party whose gravitational pull is impossible to resist. Despite his charms, he’s a bit aimless and always craving validation. He could use a friend, too.

When the two men meet their need for companionship far outweighs any sense of incompatibility, so the odd couple forges a friendship that’s not so much mutually beneficial as it is serving their individual needs.

Over the next four years, we follow the ups and downs of their relationship as they try to find a balance between the friend they think each other should be and the person they actually are. Can they learn to love themselves and actually be there for one another, or is this “toxic friendship” doomed from the start?

Writer/director Jono Mitchell has said that Bad Together was inspired by a tumultuous connection that he had and that had made such a  lasting impact,  But if we are all totally honest then we know. that each and every one of us has had a messy gay relationship like this sometimes or another.


Produced by Dekkoo FilmsBad Together hits digital/VOD platforms on December 5, and will 

stream exclusively on Dekkoo beginning in 2024.



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