Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

BAD MOTHERS : the new must-see campy Soap Opera


Are you still missing a fix of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES the award-winning campiest soap opera mystery comedy-drama television series that finally disappeared from our screens in 2014 ?  Then we have some really goos news for you.  NO, its not coming back as 180 episodes was more than enough.  BUT if you head over to the SUNDANCE NOW Channel you’ll find the perfect successor in a new Australian Soap BAD MOTHERS.

It all starts with a glamorously decked out women lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood in her million-dollar mansion.  Cue the angry best friend who has just discovered the dead woman has been having an affair with her husband; her own husband hates her, so it appears does her very wealthy father who has lost all the family money  etc.   By the end of the episode we learn that Charlotte the dead woman was by far the most unpopular member of the Mothers Group at School and nearly every one had a motive to kill her.

Bad Mothers is a very diverse group of middle-class women; there is Sarah (Tess Haubrich) who was known as Dr Perfect Life until she discovered the affair and her husband was accused with the murder;  Maddie (Mandy McElhinney) the single parent lesbian who has to ward off her ex-partner seeking custody of their autistic child ; Danielle (Jessica Tovey) married to her older husband but nevertheless inadvertently flirts with every young man and who cannot help but volunteer to help everyone.; and finally Bindy  (Shalom Brune-Franklin) the youngest mother of the group who has been spoilt all her life, and is more than happy to sleep with anyone to get what she wants.  She incidentally has many of the best funny one-liners

The talented cast are all very well known Australian actors and they seem to relish all the twists and turns of this well scripted but implausible drama that really does have you hooked from the very first scene.   It maybe a coincidence but it is set in some lush seaside town that is oddly reminiscent of the one in Big Little Lies

With new episodes every Thursday on the Sundance Channel (which you can also view via their app on Amazon Prime) Bad Mothers is the perfect frothy show to help us forget the realities of Lockdown.


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