Sunday, January 9th, 2022

KITZ: a bunch of rich glamorous snow-bound kids in a Reality TV series that you will either love ….or hate.


All those Reality TV shows that are all sparkle and no substance have so much to answer for.  Now German TV has jumped into the act with a scripted drama series called KITZ set in the real-life Austrian ski resort town of Kitzbühel,   It is all about sex on the ski slopes: gay, straight  and plenty in between 

The show follows 19-year-old Lisi (Sofie Eifertinger), a Kitzbühel local who wants to get revenge on a group of high-class partiers, led by influencer Vanessa, who she holds responsible for her brother’s death. As Lisi gets closer to Vanessa and the rest of her group, we also see her plans for violent revenge come to life, including what looks like a burning ski lodge.

Lisi’s best friend in the town is Hans (Ben Felipe), a gay farm boy. He eventually becomes her partner in revenge as they try to take down the rich kids. But, according to Netflix, he “may or may not have a connection of his own to the group of well-off Germans spending the New Year’s holiday in Kitzbühel.”

There’s also Kosh, played by Zoran Pingel, who is the “outcast” of the high-class clique that vacations in the town. He’s described as “happy-go-lucky on the outside — outspoken and unabashedly queer — but, on the inside, he’s reeling from his hotel-owner father’s death.”

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