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25th Anniversary of San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (also available Online)



In a year when over 100 anti-trans bills have been introduced in US State legislatures, it’s probably even more important to celebrate the trans community.  No better place to do it this weekend than at the 25th Anniversary of the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival the oldest such event in the country. Although as much as we love visiting the city, the very good news is as its a hybrid festival, you can screen the films online wherever you like in the US.

There are screenings at the Roxie Theater in the Mission followed by digital offerings that run until Nov. 20.

As usual, the festival shows so many insightful and compelling short films that sadly do not get enough exposure.  Two that caught our attention were ‘Hello, My Name is Sarah’ a fast-paced very funny video composed of short chapters by Sarah Hill; ‘Piercing‘: Adrian gets an ear piercing from his crush, Lex, finally working up the nerve to ask them out. As they text about date plans, Adrian is nearly hit by a passing truck. The Driver shouts slurs at Adrian and drives off.

The Festival combines recent work about contemporary people with reappraisals of trans icons and various gender rebels—in particular a real favorite of Queerguru., The Beauty President.

If Joan Jett Blakk had her way back in 1992 then William Jefferson Clinton would have never  been the 42nd President of this USA. Ms. Blakk was an African-American openly gay drag queen….. the alter ego of queer activist Terence Alan Smith… and she was running as a write-in presidential candidate at the Democratic convention that year.   

Running on Queer Nation Party Ticket an  LGBTQ activist organization founded in March 1990 in New York City, by  HIV/AIDS activists from ACT UP.  With the country still in the middle of the AIDS pandemic, Blakk’s campaign highlighted how so little was been done for those with HIV+

This delightful new short documentary  (10 mins) the sophomore film by Whitney Skauge mixes archival footage with an interview with the disarmingly charming Smith.  Still, an activist he has a twinkle in his eye as talks about how he mixed his serious intentions with humor.  His campaign slogan was ‘LICK BUSH IN 92’  and  ‘she’ had promised to make America “more fabulous, more fruitful and more glamorous.”  Blakk also made a very valid point,  “If a bad actor can be elected president, why not a good drag queen?”



 Check out the entire program at

Nov. 10-20 | Free-$50
Online and at the Roxie Theatre
3117 16th St.



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