Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews “Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter”

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  COMEDY IS MERELY A TRAGEDY HAPPENING TO SOMEONE ELSE During the fourth wave of a pandemic in an indefinite time that may be the present moment, the near past, or in the coming future, there is a virus affecting the brain and memory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This wacky surreal fictional film directed by … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews “Nelly and Nadine “: the unlikely love story between two women falling in love on Christmas Eve, 1944

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    The film captured me from the beginning;  a sequence of a newsreel from April 28th, 1945 shot at Malmö Harbor, Sweden,  in which a large group of women reaches freedom after German concentration camps. We see them smile and say hello to the camera, there is Nadine with her white scarf, striped uniform, … Continue reading

No Hard Feelings : a queer story of race, belonging and love

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  When Iranian/German filmmaker Faraz Shariat was 19 years old he imported a  security detacher from China and used it to take off the security tags from clothes in department stores. In time he got caught shoplifting and was sentenced to community service which he did by becoming a translator in a refugee shelter.  That was … Continue reading

Hard Paint aka Tinta Bruta

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  Hard Paint aka Tinta Bruta is an intriguing and somewhat perplexing highly erotic tale that swooped up the prestigious Teddy Award for Best LGBT Feature at the Berlinale last month.  Set in the south of Brazil in the small town of Porto Alegre, which is a place so sad that everyone is desperate to leave, making the ones that … Continue reading

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