Gay Day Anaheim Disney takes on both a special meaning & our thanks for not cowing to DeSantis

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  Years ago, when Disneyland closed early more often, they would occasionally rent the park out for private parties. One such party was a “Gay Night” and we attended, but we didn’t really love it: stores were closed, restaurants closed, no parade, no characters, no fireworks. It felt like less than the full Disneyland experience. … Continue reading

Has DeSantis inadvertently ‘outed’ Disney to finally become real LGBTQ+ supporters?

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  When the first  ‘unofficial’  Disney Gay Day was held in Florida in 1991  some 3000 LGBTQ+ peeps wearing red t-shirts turned up. By 1995 the event had grown to 10,000 and Disney had some of their team members outside the front gates giving out white T-shirts to unsuspecting straights who were also dressed in … Continue reading

Jack Plotnick takes aim at Disney’s Its A Small World

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  The actor/writer/producer, comic genius and sometime Drag Queen Jack Plotnick has enjoyed a very successful and busy career.  However for Queerguru his one stand-out performance will always be as  Dolph in  Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG : a gem of an absurdist comedy that is so very right! We were fortunate enough to see it premiere … Continue reading

Jack Plotnick’s brilliant spin on Disney will make poor Walt turn over in his grave

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    The comic genius Jack Plotnick so made our week with another of his blisteringly funny Disney spoofs.  This one entitled Disney Made a House of the Future  stars …….. well Jack actually p.ays ALL the parts.  The very wicked sense of humor from this multi-talented writer/director/ actor/ teacher/  mentor is a sheer joy … Continue reading

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