Can AI really create good queer stories : check out STRAIGHT BEST FRIEND

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    The storyline of the new web series STRAIGHT BEST FRIEND is one so many of us can relate to.  It’s all about a gay man’s adult friendship with his straight adolescent crush.  However, what makes this potential cliche tale unusual is that it was created in Singapore which only last year repealed its … Continue reading

Could Daniel Radcliffe be the next (male) Naomi Campbell?

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    Last week we wrote about Daniel Radcliffe (star of Harry Potter) being an outspoken advocate for trans rights, and showing his support for the Trevor Project’s Sharing Space.  Especially welcome after all the torrent of rather pernicious transphobic comments from  JK Rowling  the creator of the Harry Potter franchise This week we see … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Andrew Hebden gets an AI immersive experience at Swamp Motel’s SAINT JUDE

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  SAINT JUDE ★★★★ SWAMP MOTEL Since the launch of the Open AI Chatgpt in November you may have seen lots of debate about how Artificial Intelligence is coming for your job and will change the world. Well, now it’s here, and it’s coming for your night out first.  Swamp Motel makes immersive experiences, the … Continue reading

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