Ya’ Got Trump Trouble!

The GOP and their new Obersturmbannführer are a constant source  of hilarity and a very rich source of material for comic geniuses like Randy Rainbow.  Let’s all just hope we are still laughing after November. Subscribe to Randy Rainbow’s You Tube Channel.

You’re Terrible Muriel

Actually Muriel was not terrible, but an absolute riot and the 1994 Australian movie  Muriel’s Wedding launched both Toni Collete and Rachel Griffiths into the world with such a bang, and then became a  cult classic that every gay man  of a certain age (and Abba fan….often the same)  knows word by word. P.J. Hogan, who … Continue reading

You Ruined My Christmas, You Made It A Drag

queerguru cannot stop playing this video directed by Boy George and Dean Stockings and starring  The Supreme Fabulettes in their wonderful holiday lament You Ruined My Christmas with a cameo appearance with hunky porn-star Johnny Hazzard 

Yours Sincerely @ Vault Festival

  Yours Sincerely ☆☆ The Vaults Festival Wednesday 30th January Yours Sincerely has an intriguing premise; the young Will Jackson (the writer and performer) has accidentally stolen a book of 300 second class stamps and he vows to start a ‘project’ to occupy his time. We hear what it involves as he writes a letter … Continue reading

Year Of The Rabbit : this Victorian detective parody series is such a blast

  There literally seems to be a brand new Streaming Platform launched daily nowadays.  The arrival of Topic was announced by its owners First Look Media last year with a  lofty  claim  that it will be  curated for a curious and engaged audience seeking smart, provocative and meaningful entertainment.  Hmm we shall see, but in … Continue reading

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