Joan Collins may not want to Turn Back Time

Back in the 1970’s Joan Collins was having a rough time, as her career was really languishing in the  doldrums. She had yet to receive THE phone call from Aaron Spelling giving her the part of Alexis Carrington in Dynasty, and so had started the decade doing schlocky low budget horror movies, and then ended … Continue reading

Just Pee (Where You Wanna Pee)

Cindy Lauper and Harvey Fierstein, who collaborated on the multi-Tony Award winner Broadway musical Kinky Boots, have rewritten words to one of the show’s songs to show support for the transgender community. The video shows the cast of the musical, many of them men in drag, using the what looks like the biggest men’s urinals  ever (at the … Continue reading

Just When You Thought He Had Gone For Good

Well surprise, surprise!  After being roundly defeated by the voters in his own State of Florida which forced him to pull the plug on his Presidential Campaign, Senator Marco Rubio …….known fondly by us locals as ‘Liar Liar Coat’s On Fire’ has changed his mind AGAIN.  Just two days before nominations closed Rubio has announced … Continue reading

John Palatinus “Beefcake” Photographer

Way before Mapplethorpe was around and photographing provocative male-physique poses, there were a handful of photographers surreptitiously doing some rather stunning work.  John Palatinus was one of them and back in the 1950’s his images of men posing in straps or nude were published in a few bodybuilding magazines such as Tomorrows Men which were … Continue reading

Joan Crawford : Bitch Selfie Ain’t Make You No Movie Star

Joan Crawford has finally got her own back with her brand new memoir posthumously written  called MOMMIE SMEAREST: See Joan Crawford In Bitch Selfie Ain’t Make You No Movie Star. She evidently channeled it all through  L. LeSueur,  and in it she relates how she has reinvented herself as the rap artist mo.m.m.i.e.D.   Joan has little … Continue reading

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