The First Monday in May

The most hotly anticipated movie that all fashionistas everywhere are desperate to see is finally about to burst on to our screens.  ‘The First Monday in May’ is the story of The Met Gala one of THE most exciting social events in NY that that manages to bring together the most illustrious figures in fashion, film, … Continue reading

Tourists travel light @ Trouserless Tuesday

A British tourist and his not totally unattractive French companion were arrested early this month after they dropped their pants and posed naked for photos at the ancient site of Machu Picchu in Peru.  Evidently 23-year-old Adam Burton and 28 year old  Eric Xavier Mariec are hardly the first are hard to try this out as queerguru had … Continue reading

The Man I Love

Israeli LGBT movies have a tendency to be both passionately romantic and heartbreakingly sad.  None more so than the one we revisit now as part our ‘turn back time’ series which is ‘The Bubble’ from 2006 from Eytan Fox who is probably that country’s most successful gay filmmaker.  The movie one of Fox’s best  is, true … Continue reading

The Chef Cuisine & The Kitchen Queen Battle It Out

queerguru wouldn’t have the balls to describe the arrogant superchef Gordan Ramsey like this at all as the man is notoriously known for having the worst temper from hell. However when you are THE Julia Child aka the Queen of Haute Cuisine then you certainly are not scared of new upstarts like Ramsay. Watch the two … Continue reading

The Catholic Church Hates Being Found Out

It’s not the right-wing reactionary doctrine of the  Catholic Church that atheists hate most of all, it’s the sheer seemingly endless hypocrisy of them selectively banning and campaigning against peoples legal rights, and then not just flouting the laws with their immoral behavior but also actually spending more effort covering up their misdemeanors rather than focusing … Continue reading

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