How will the World react to Russia’s latest clampdown on the LGBTQ+ community labeling them ‘extremists”

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  The Russian Supreme Court held a four-hour session on Thursday behind closed doors to officially announce another major blow to the LGBTQ+ community.  It was the result of a lawsuit brought by the Ministry of Justice who had decided  ‘the activities of the international L.G.B.T.Q. movement had exhibited “various signs and manifestations of an … Continue reading

Queerguru looks around the world to see how LGBTQ+ Rights are faring now

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  Queerguru takes a quick look around the world right now to see how LGBTQ+rights are faring in this exceptionally peculiar political climate.  Some days it seems like the gains we have made over the years in our struggle for equality will be taken away from us again.    On the other hand, our community … Continue reading

You can still be fired in 30 States for being gay or trans

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  Forget wedding cakes. You can be fired from your job in 30 states for being gay or trans, says the Human Rights Campaign. Here’s the state-by-state breakdown of LGBTQ employment non-discrimination laws in the US.   P.S. Queerguru would love you to bits if you did us one tiny favor.  Despite the fact that we have had … Continue reading

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