Little Red Riding Hood Has A Gun

As the NRA have had very little touch with reality for decades then I guess it should really not have shocked us that much that their backroom bods who churn out all their propaganda steeped in all its make believe,  should now turn their hands to re-writing children’s fairytales.  Would we be too cynical if … Continue reading

Love Must Prevail : Broadway sings for Orlando

‘Love Must Prevail’ was the message from dozens of Broadway megastars  who  put out a benefit single for the LGBT Center of Central Florida as a tribute to the victims of last week’s shooting in Orlando, which took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 more. Musical director Seth Rudetsky who with producer James … Continue reading

Love For The Ages

It’s been exactly a year since the Supreme Court handed down that groundbreaking ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 US States.  The world didn’t end as all the rabid homophobes claimed it would, it actually started afresh for so many couples who could finally get official recognition for their own long-standing loving … Continue reading

London Policemen Propose during Gay Pride

British Policeman (once colloquially known as ‘Bobbies’ after their founder Robert Peel ) have always been known as the most friendliest in the world. Still unarmed (US take note!) and their presence in the London’s Gay Pride Parade yesterday was far from being any sort of dampener of the festivities (US take note again) they were … Continue reading

Little Gay Brother @ The Secret Garden Party

Do you fancy yourself as a photographer? Brit filmmaker and Alternative Drag aficionado Joseph Wilson is looking for a super special photographer who can come and document Little Gay Brother at Secret Garden Party 2016 ! It needs to be a mix of club photography as well as arty portrait stuff during the day. Here’s the … Continue reading

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