In a landslide vote Cubans legalize same-sex marriage

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  During the Revolution in CUBA, the combination of socialism and traditional morality only exacerbated the marginalization of the LGBT community even more. Therefore, those who did not fit the mold of the societal construct were deemed as either outcasts or as unproductive. It was not until recently that the attitudes and acceptance toward LGBT … Continue reading

Taipelove* the journey for Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan

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  Berlin based filmmaker Lucie Liu debut feature documentary Taipeilove*  is a compelling insider’s view on the evolving LGBTQ community in Taiwan as they fight to legalize same sex marriage.  It is no spoiler to add that it has a happy ending as it was widely broadcasted at the time, that thanks to the country’s … Continue reading

The Arranged Gay Marriage Scam

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Any scam that takes advantage of people’s hopes and aspirations are completely unforgivable but here at Queerguru what we particularly find callous and unacceptable are when they are aimed at the LGBTQ community. Queer British/Asian journalist Reeta Loi was ostracized by her family when she ‘came out’ to them.  She claims it also robbed her … Continue reading

For once when two families object to a same-sex marriage its for a very funny reason

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  This delightfully cute 4 minute film ROMEO and JULIO from Spanish  filmmaker  by Fernando Colomo is about two young men both announcing their impending marriage to each other to their separate families  who both pronounce their objections.  BUT the good news is that it actually turns out why they are so verbally against this … Continue reading

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