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From the illegal Molly Houses, through blacked out Earls Court bars, into rainbow Soho and beyond, Queer Today Gone Tomorrow thanks the spaces that built LGBTQ+ London, and celebrates those we still have.

RECOGNITION is a queer, neurodivergent artist from London, England. The name RECOGNITION has a dual purpose.  Firstly it helps signify the intent of the work to those viewing pieces – see the Theory principle below.   Secondly, ADHD creates constant new ideas and impulses to act on them.  Having this name acts as a reminder of direction and focus to help me resist going off track during pieces.  Other projects are kept separate under a different name.

Why the mask?With art often being all consuming, it can let him create personal/professional boundaries, and help him to  switch off his brain when things become overwhelming.  It’s not always there, but can be a useful coping mechanism. 

As with all of RECOGNITION’s artwork, viewers shall be tested to see if they can identify the subject of the painting or print, before having the subject alongside its significance revealed.

An interactive journey through London’s queer history, the exhibition invites you to be a part of the show.   Share a favourite memory of an LGBTQ+ space to be made into art raise funds for Queer Britain at the show, and help show the impact and importance queer spaces have on people’s lives.


50% Of London's queer venues have closed since 2005.  There were reportedly more spaces in 
the 1700s than now.



2-10pm on Sun 23rd June, and 11-10pm 24th-29th June. Please note you will need to sign up to the 
Private View evening on Monday 24th to be permitted entrance after 6pm.  You can do so here.


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