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LGBTQ Pride Month : celebrating our communities …. big and small….. across the globe




The real joy of GAY PRIDE MONTH is not the major city celebrity events (how many can the ubiquitous Billy Porter do?) but all the small communities  around the  globe who come together  with such heartfelt events , often for the very first time. 

Navan the county town of County Meath,  on the NE coast of Ireland is one such place  This centuries old town in the heart of the Boyne Valley (and just some 90 kms from Dublin) is steeped in history with at least one ruined castle still standing.  But Navan is one of those welcoming and energetic typical Irish towns that is equally invested in making life today as meaningful as its past ….. if not even better.

Not without its struggle but thanks to the likes off leading queer activist Panti Bliss, Ireland  went from a fiercely Catholic country, to having the most advanced gay rights in Europe.  In fact it was the very first country to actually legalise same sex marriage by a popular vote rather than by an order of its Government..  Ireland also led the way in new rights for transgender people and also outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation .  In fact it is still one of the few countries that has had an openly gay leader in Leo Varadkar.

As perfect as this all was it could never completely remove all the inbred homophobia, and just one month before the very first Gay Pride in Navan last year, a local 14 year old gay boy  was brutally attacked in broad daylight.  Yet when the video of the attack went viral exposing the potential risks for LGBTQ+ young people in the country, the local community  came together for its very first hate march. This statement of solidarity marked such a departure from the past,  and that was shown in even bigger numbers a month later with Navan’s first ever gay pride 

Following the success of their first-ever festival in 2023, ….. which had been recognized by a personal letter of support from Ireland’s  President … Navan Pride is set to return in July 2024 with a week-long schedule of events .   It will include a speed quiz and ‘Queer-aoke’ event; a panel discussion on the importance of visibility within the LGBTQ+ community; Lunch and Learn’ afternoon educating attendees about same-sex violence;  a drag bingo night fronted by Irish drag icon Victoria Secret;  and a glitzy burlesque night.

As well as screening queer films like All of Us  Strangers and Rocky Horror Picture Show, there will be a live performance of The Bród, The Bold and The Beautiful, a stage play written and performed by Quintessance Theatre Group.  The highlight  of the Pride Festival  will be the Parade fon Saturday followed by an after-party featuring special guests at Henry Loughran’s pub later that evening. 

The co-chairs of Navan Pride said. “The Navan Pride Team is a diverse mix of nationalities, ages and sexualities. Many of our volunteers are allies of the LGBTQ+ community but who know the value of having the diversity in our community in 2024.” 

It is such heartwarming good news and will so help re-inforce the whole concept how good it is to be gay  when  home,  no matter its size  or location, really is home.



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