Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

How some UK’s Tory Government Ministers want to make life as difficult as possible for the LGBTQ community




There maybe major wars going in two parts of the world right now, and the US  may  actually end up electing a dictator at their next President but back in the UK, Esther McVey has her own sense of priorities.  This ex Morning Show TV Presenter now Conservative Government Minister Of State Without Portfolio (more commonly known as  “Minister for Common Sense (sic) is putting her foot down.  She has announced a ban on rainbow-colored and other “random” lanyards for all  the Civil Service as part of a new series of measures for a Tory “war on woke”.

Another of her measures  related to the so-called “culture wars”, including ending contracts with organisations like Stonewall  the lesbian,  gay,  bisexual  and transgender (LGBT) rights charity in the United Kingdom which is thw  largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe.  This is hardly new for McVey as last year she led six Conservative MPs in a letter warning against giving the World Health Organization new power.    Her convoluted sense of doing the right thing however doesn’t include  her own behavior as when she was first a Government Minister it didn’t stop her lobbying for a job with right  wing TV station GB News.

Sadly McVey is not alone in her extreme views as her fellow Cabinet Minister Kemi Badenoch, who despite her official position of Equalities Minister, refused to vote to extend same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland.  She also opposed plans by the Financial Conduct Authority to allow trans employees to self-identify in the workplace, and opposed gender-neutral toilets in public buildings. But by far her worst deed was revealed by VICE NEWS who said they had received leaked audio from 2018 in which Badenoch mocked gay marriage and referred to trans women as “men”

From all accounts it  seems very likely that the Conservative  Government  will lose power at the next election but if they do not, our community needs to be concerned about all of its rights big and small.  If the US can dispence with Roe Vs Wade  THEN NO HARD WON RIGHTS CAN BE CONSIDERED SAFE.


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