Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

From Russia With Love


Queerguru has learned From Vice Magazine, about “Here I Come”   a brand  new Russian web series aiming to spotlight stories of young queer adults in one of Europe’s most homophobic countries.  Filmed in Moscow, the saddest  aspect of this ground breaking project is that the people it is intended for……. the LGBTQ community in Russia ……… will probably never be able to see it.

You can however as all 9 episodes are now streaming on YouTube

The show-creators Elizaveta Simbirskaya and Andreï Fenøčka told  Vice  that the show follows Roma, a struggling Armenian law student doubling as a pizza boy who, during the aftermath of an unplanned party, meets Alexey who turns his world upside down

Th filmmakers are aware that by flouting Putin’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ law which has since increased hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community. they are taking enormous risks .  It was  problematic enough finding actors willing to portray LGBTQ+ characters, but the filmmakers risked losing their own full-time jobs. Plus  the cast and crew’s safety were also in jeopardy when filming scenes such as the gay-kiss near the Kremlin

Simbirskaya and Fenøčka stressed that despite the tough circumstances that queer people face living in Russia, they did not want to focus on the negativity. Their web-series aims to provide light for the darkened Russian community and show them that there is hope.

“We didn’t want to portray gay people having a hard time with their sexuality, even though it’s difficult to live in Russia as a queer or trans person. we decided to write a story about how things can be easy, that it’s OK to be gay.”

You can watch ALL nine episodes HERE

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