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ROMAIN BERGER : Every Picture Tells A Story


Queer  French photographer ROMAIN BERGER  is QUEERGURU”S latest (and favorite) discovery  …… although if the truth be told it was he who found us first!  We immediately fell in love with his portfolio of extraordinarily wonderful work,  especially his series of Tableau images: every picture tells a story.  

The 33-year-old lives in Rennes, the capital of Brittany, and claims he is part of a rare breed i.e. queer French photographers  (think Pierre et Gilles).  Berger told Queerguru that it was important for him to affirm who he was to be able to give visibility to the queer community. 

“I seriously thought at the beginning of my career about whether I wanted to do only queer work.  I didn’t want to be pigeonholed or put into a box.  However, I quickly realized that I shouldn’t be afraid.  I should say, I am here and I exist” 

Talking about the Tableau series in particular Berger explained that he begins with the idea of theme. “I then cast the model who will be perfect for my story.  So I don’t use the personality of the model to set the scene, but I  use the theme to elevate the model.  It’s the model that makes the final picture great.  If I’ve done a good casting It will help the story to be told.”


Berger added “In the end, I tell stories that speak to the whole of society.  My characters are all queer but above all marginalized human beings. We’ve all been marginalized at some time or another so everyone can probably relate to my final work .  I regularly get feedback from heteros which really makes  me happy.”



Sensuality is present in each of his shots, Berger likes to fantasize about the world, put his finger on what is disturbing, and above all, he wants to make people dream. A shared voyeurism.

You can follow Romain Berger and his work at www.facebook.com/romainbergerart/




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