Queerguru’s James Judd gets totally captivated with Bradley Cooper et al in MAESTRO

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      Leonard Bernstein was highly influential in American cultural life. As the composer of musicals, operas, ballets, and film scores including West Side Story, Candide, On the Town, he lived at the center of popular culture. He was also bisexual, horny, studly, and married with children but engaged with male lovers in a … Continue reading

Will MAESTRO give Bradley Cooper his 10th Academy Award Nomination OR his First Win?

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    Actor Bradley Cooper has already garnered 9 Academy Award Nominations and word on the street is that he is due to get a 10th …… and maybe win at last?.  He has co-written, directed, and produced MAESTRO based on the true story of how legendary composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein grappled with his sexuality as … Continue reading

First preview of MAESTRO the sophomore film directed by Bradley Cooper about Leonard Bernstein the quintessential Musician

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    Leonard Bernstein was not just an American conductor, composer, pianist, music educator, author, and humanitarian, but he was considered to be one of the most important conductors of his time and the first American conductor to receive international acclaim. As well as being one the most celebrated prolific musicians, by all accounts his … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews the excellent SHE SAID about the downfall of Harvey Weinstein and the start of the ME TOO movement

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  She Said is one of those movies that should issue a warning to the audience even before its very first scene,  It’s not as though  the basic plot of this fictionalized drama will be a surprise to anyone  but as the determined team of NY Times journalists keeps finding one awful fact after another … Continue reading

Promising Young Woman

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  There is no actual connection between  Emerald Fennell last acting role to a her writing/directing debut but it’s worth mentioning.  After playing Prince Charles long suffering mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles in The Crown,, Fennell is now responsible for creating Promising Young Woman an excellent revenge thriller that is determined to exact punishment on nearly all … Continue reading

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