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Like the past few Bond movies some of the very best action is in the extended and rather outrageous ‘chase’ scene that precedes the opening credits. This one is set in the bazaars and markets of Turkey before becoming a fight to the death atop a speeding express train. and is the result of some very highly imaginative writing and excellent production design.  By the time we hear Adele singing the theme song I was sitting on the edge of my seat anxiously dripping in sweat, and the movie had only just begun.

So this, the 23rd movie in the 007 franchise, has finally arrived, and has lots of new excellent additions and a few surprises too.  It’s birth was stalled slightly in 2010 when MGM almost went out of business, but is back having obviously spent a big enough budget to bankrupt any Studio.  Daniel Craig (the 6th James Bond is starring again and he is unquestionably my  favorite Bond. After Sean Connery naturally. He has buffed up more and his sharp suits have got tighter, and his quick wit is even drier. ‘Q’ is back too, but is no longer a fusty old inventor but a cute sharp young computer nerd (played by Ben Wishaw) who is a perfect foil for Bond.  And after a long absence we see the return of another favorite Fleming character, Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and what a transformation she is too from those early days.
The movies are no longer adapted from Fleming’s  novels but are original screenplays written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who are joined this time by Oscar-Winner screenwriter John Logan.  The result is not just a wonderful action-packed story but essentially some extremely good dialogue.  The venomous nasty villain of the piece seemed like it was a role that had been especially written for the wonderful Javier Bardem with his dreadful dyed blond hair who, when he is not trying to kill Bond, is actually putting the moves on him.
Like every Bond the story is excuse to globe trot to some exotic locations, and this movie is no exception.  But despite how exotic places like Macau and Shanghai seem here,  a lot of the action takes place in and around the centre of London and is filmed almost like a love affair to the city. Fitting I suppose as Bond is quintessentially English through an through, and there is none more so British than ‘M’ herself, played once again by the indefatigable Judi Dench.
I usually avoid Hollywood Blockbusters like the plague but I always make an exception for the Bond movies.  They are undoubtedly the very best of their genre.  This one which I was surprised to learn was directed (and quite brilliantly) by Sam Mendes who has always had a patchy record in my book …(loved ‘Jarhead’, but hated ‘Away We Go’) is as near perfect as they can get and may possibly even become my favorite in the franchise.  Well maybe until the next one that is already in the works.


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