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Being a big-city boy I always think that any movie set in the midst of desolate windswept landscape must be in the middle of nowhere. This one is literally. The body in this murder mystery is found in a small stretch of ‘No Mans Land’ between the borders of Switzerland and France.  The nearest small town on the French side is Mouthe, reputed to be the coldest place in France. The people are none to warm either.

Our hero/amateur sleuth is David a successful author of crime novels who had been visiting town just for the hearing of the Will of his recently departed Aunt.  Even though he is her only remaining relative, all he inherits is Toby her dog, which he immediately throws into the dumpster before he starts to leave.  (Maybe I should have mentioned Toby was long gone from this world and had been stuffed).

David is suffering from writers block so when he hears about the discovery of the body of an attractive blond local beauty queen he decides to hang around and see if there is a story/book in it.  The local police are stubbornly refusing to investigate as she didn’t technically die on their territory, but David soon suspects they have other reasons for not wanting to cooperate with him at all.

Candace the poor dead woman was the nearest thing this sleepy backwater had for a celebrity.  Her break came when she was discovered working the Gas Station pumps and was offered a saucy photography session which led to a contract advertising cheese on TV and then eventually to becoming the Weather Girl on a local TV station. Along the way she went from brunette to blond and was convinced that she was in fact Marilyn Monroe re-incarnated.  

The ‘Monroe’ obsession eventually turns out to be a big clue for like her heroine/namesake Candice was having an illicit affair with the President (of the Region in this case) which ended after Candace had publicly serenaded him with ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ when and her dress fell down!
The plot has enough twists and turns to make it an interesting wee movie as thrillers go, and David’s deadpan humor is a real plus. Although there is more than nod to the Coen Brothers ‘Fargo’, it certainly isn’t up in their league at all.
A great movie to watch this winter as no matter how cold you feel, you will thank God that you don’t however live in Mouthe.

P.S. Candace is not the only one naked when she makes a video with all the local firemen.  Thank goodness they had the heating on at full blast.

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