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The story of Nine is loosely based on Federico
  (masterpiece) movie ‘8 ½’,
which itself is even more loosely based on Snr. Fellini’s own life.  At middle age, the Italian filmmaker found
himself with a bad case of writer’s block, and whilst the words wouldn’t come,
a lot of memories about the women he slept with did.  Thinking about the women was much easier than
working on a script, but ultimately after his struggles with all his turmoil he
eventually gets back to the mistress he loves the best, his work.
This star-studded cast film version of the Tony Award
winning musical had all the potential of being the smash hit of the season, but
it is in fact one of the biggest duds. 
From the miscasting of Daniel (I’ve-got-to-ham-it-up-for-another-Oscar)
Day Lewis
(they should have kept to first choice of Javier Badem) to a galaxy
of so many superstars who are giving little chance to develop any characters at
all, and the hackneyed choreography that the NY Times so aptly described as a
Victoria Secrets Lingerie Show, but without the class. 

A wasted opportunity of a good idea, and the only
thing that redeemed this movie was the presence of Marion Cotillard as the
director’s put on wife.  She shines even
in this mess.

(reproduced from my original 2009 review)

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