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This debut feature film from Daniel Monks and Stevie Cruz Martin is one of the most provocative stories that tackles gender identity and presents its own very different sci-fi take on this issue that is both innovative and intriguing. Disabled teenager Olly (Monks)is getting increasingly unhappy that whilst his schoolmates are all enjoying dating and the … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews DEATH AND BOWLING : with a trans cast and a trans sensibility

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  Trans filmmaker Lyel Kash’s directorial/writing debut Death and Bowling that is having its world premiere at OUTFEST Film Fest in LA is an extraordinary achievement.  Not just because in a groundbreaking move Kash cast all the roles in the movie with transgender actors, but his spiritual drama gives a very personal insight which we … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews L.A. QueenCiañera ‘from harrowing to happy’ the life story of trans activist Bamby Salcedo

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  As this documentary starts to unfold, Bamby Salcedo explains why at the age of 50 she is about to have her own version of a quinceañera party.  This is a Mexican traditional celebration that all girls have at the age of 15 to mark their coming of age and enter into womanhood.    For … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews “Stay On Board : The Leo Baker Story”

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  Even though we have somehow gotten used to the traumas/sacrifices that so many people have to face when they transition, it still did not prepare us for the journey that Lee Baker would undertake to be his true self. Baker had been something of a skateboard fanatic since childhood, having been given his first … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews the uplifting tale of THE DREAMLIFE OF GEORGIE STONE

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  The vast majority of films with transgender storylines that we get to view are remarkable for their sheer bravado and how they each make such a significant contribution to the continuing dialogue about the transgender community.  Dreamlife however went much further and completely blew us out of the water Australian Georgie Stone is such … Continue reading

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