New PBS Doc ‘THE WAR ON DISCO’ investigates the late 1970s when angry homophobes and racists tried to stop the music….

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    For most of us (of a certain age) our passion for everything disco peaked in 1977 with John Travolta’s swagger in the opening scenes of Saturday Night Fever.  The film resulted in the Best Actor Oscar Nomination for Travolta but for the rest of the world, it shepherded in a whole new movement … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews NOLLY: the story of the once undisputed Queen of British Soaps

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  Although Russell T Davies’s new mini-series NOLLY is about a  quintessential British TV soap opera from the 1970s it is essential viewing for anyone who loves the melodramas that go on behind the scenes. Davies, responsible for such groundbreaking series as Queer as Folk and It’s a Sin. shows a genuine affection for both … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews CASA SUSANNA a compelling documentary about a secret haven for trans men & women in the 1960s

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    Casa Susanna is a compelling documentary about a group of cross-dressing men/trans women in early 1960s America. Acclaimed French screenwriter/director Sebastien Lifshitz opens up a world few of us would know about had it not been for a set of photographs found at a New York flea market in 2004. The early 1960s … Continue reading

Racial tensions ignite when a historically Black neighborhood in Palm Springs, California fights to remove a wall of trees that segregate the community.

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    When we think of Palm Springs in California we have an image of a gay mecca that has developed a strong reputation as an LGBT-friendly destination. and is also a cheaper alternative to San Francisco or New York.  Since the 1980s/90s many LGBT people chose the desert city as a base for their … Continue reading

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