TAYLOR MAC’S 24-DECADE HISTORY OF POPULAR MUSIC is probably the most outrageous film that YOU MUST SEE

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Its that time again and for their 25th Anniversary the PROVINCETOWN FILM FESTIVAL has upped the anti of the QUEER content on their program. Queerguru has had the sheer delight  viewing some of best of them in our coverage of LGBTQ+ Film Fests around the globe this year.  We have very firm favorite’s like Andrew … Continue reading

The First Temptation of Christ: not for anyone remotely religious

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  It’s only natural that the more people complain that a film is greatly offensive, the more we get intrigued enough to want to see it.  Even more so when the whiners are the ultra-conservative religious who are  up in arms about a comedy satire group that put their spin on celebrating the Baby Jesus’s … Continue reading

The Ornithologist

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You really need to brush up your knowledge of the Portuguese Saint Anthony of Padua to appreciate writer/director João Pedro Rodrigues’s very queer take on the legend of his life. It is both surreal and provocative and demands a great deal of of patience from its audience when it strays off on confusing tangents.  Fernando (Paul … Continue reading

Wicked Queer’s really wicked queer Shorts

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  One of the (many) things Queerguru loves about WICKED QUEER  Bostons LGBTQ Film Festival is the attention and support they give to queer short filmmakers.  Let’s be clear here, we don’t mean those of limited stature, but the talented creatives that pack their stories into a few minutes.  So often overlooked compared to feature … Continue reading

You And The Night aka Les Rencontres d’apres minuit

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The opening sequence of French writer/director Yann Gonzalez debut feature starts with confusion that never really eases up through this avant-garde art-house film. Ali and her young handsome beau Mathias (who may or may not be a zombie) are waiting with their transvestite maid Udo for their invited guests to arrive for an orgy.  They include The … Continue reading

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