Rainbow’s Sunset : a Filipino gay melodrama that is way too preachy

  If you ever wondered what a gay Filipino Lifetime Made For TV Movie would look like, then Rainbow’s Sunset would be it.  Maybe something got lost in translation, or it is to do with cultural differences,  but this tale of these 80+ year old gay men finally moving in with each other when one … Continue reading


When Chilean lawyer Paula (Mariana Loyola) divorces her husband Victor (Daniel Munoz), her new partner Lia (Agustina Muñoz) moves in to share her home in this small conservative town.  One day Paula is summed for a meeting with the school Principal after her 8 year old daughter Catalina (Emilia Ossandon) had made a drawing of … Continue reading

Reaching For The Moon

Elizabeth Bishop was something of a self-absorbed cold fish. When she finishes her tenure as US Poet Laureate in 1950, she was 40 years old, alone in N.Y., and suffering with ‘writers block’. At the suggestion of her friend and fellow poet Robert Lowell she decides to go to South America for a long vacation. … Continue reading

REBEL HEARTS the story of the nuns who challenged the patriarchal conventions of the Catholic Church

Rebel Hearts is Director Pedro Kos’s fascinating documentary about an activist group of feminist nuns who fought for change within the Catholic Church in California during the 1960s. The 1950s and early 1960s were still a very patriarchal society in America with women expected to miss higher education, marry young, bear children, and stay at … Continue reading

Rebels on Pointe

Rebels On Pointe is a very affectionate profile by Canadian award-winning documentarian Bobbi Jo Hart on Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo an American all-male (and proudly openly gay) Ballet Company corps which parodies the conventions and clichés of romantic and classical ballet. Harte adopts a  cinema vérité approach with her very entertaining film that takes us … Continue reading

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