Dealing with the sudden death of a loved one is tough at the best of times but when you, and he, are in your 20’s, the loss is that much harder to come to terms with. Soon after Isidore Bethel graduated from Harvard and moved to France to studying filmmaking at École Normale Supérieure he received word … Continue reading


This debut feature from German filmmaker Jules Herrmann is rather a puzzling mixture of styles and techniques that ensure that this is no ordinary thriller.  The story starts with the unannounced arrival of Antik Liebmann (Godehard Giese)  a forty-something school teacher who turns up to spend the summer in a rented apartment in a small French town. … Continue reading

Life Most Wonderful

When watching Bulgarian filmmaker Svetoslav Draganov’s new documentary about the three Liliev brothers unfold, you can be forgiven in thinking at first that there is possibly more than a touch or irony in the title of his film. The brothers share their surname, but that’s where the similarity ends. Their mother died a few years … Continue reading

Life In The Doghouse

  Life in The Doghouse is one of those documentaries that will touch the heart of the coldest of souls.  It’s a wonderful love story between two exceptional gay men and their ever-growing four-legged family which have taken over every semblance of what once passed as their ‘normal life’. Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw, both in their 60’s, … Continue reading

Life Is Easy : until you swap bodies with you BF

  Life Is Easy  is a manically paced farcical web series  from New Zealand that puts its own cute spin on the old ‘B Movie’ dilemma of body swapping.  Written by and starring pansexual actress Chye-Ling Huang and out gay actor Cole Jenkins as Jamie Li and Curtis. It’s the story of  a young gay … Continue reading

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