Last Ferry : looking for love on Fire Island can be deadly

  It can be pretty scary visiting an almost deserted Fire Island in the off season generally , but its not usually as murderous as  shy young NY lawyer Joseph  (Ramon O. Torres) found on his very first visit.  He’s not long off the Ferry before he is drugged and robbed in the bushes near … Continue reading

Last Night in Soho at the London Film Festival : reviewed by Queerguru’s Andrew Hebden

  “London is a lot” is repeated several times in Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho. And if London is a lot, then the distilled essence of London’s fashion and party scene in Soho is a lot more. And then there is Wright’s imaginatively fertile fairy tale gothic horror movie centred in Soho and the … Continue reading

Laurence Anyways

Thirtysomething Laurence is a very successful and popular high school teacher, and loves his girlfriend Fred and their very full and happy life together in Montreal. Yet despite all that he has going for him he always has a perpetual nagging sensation that something is amiss.  Deep down he has always really known that essentially he feels like … Continue reading

Laurie Lee : London’s Bona Queen of Fabulosity in 1970’s & 80’s

  When the late Laurie Lee was a Drag Queen in London in the 1970’s & 1980’s , life was much simpler.  ‘Lol’ as he like to be called had done his National Service which was still compulsory in those days and he did a stint in the Merchant Navy where finding a ‘partner’ was … Continue reading

Lazy Eye

40 year-old Dean is trying not to have a mid-life crisis, but his chances of succeeding are slim.  He’s a very successful graphic designer in Silverlake California who is starting to loath his good paying clients because of their poor taste levels.  Now because the lazy eye he’s had from birth is playing up, his … Continue reading

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