Lord Montagu

This real-life story of Edward John Barrington Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, a quintessential member of the English aristocracy, is a remarkable tale of how he survived one of the most notorious sex scandals of the 20th Century that resulted in a prison term, and then regained his position in society totally forgiven. It’s the … Continue reading

Lost In White City

Kyle (Thomas Dekker) and Eva (Haley Bennett) are two slightly pretentious American students who are traveling to Tel Aviv for the summer in the hope that it may inspire them in their art. More so their relationship is rapidly disintegrating and even though Kyle at least thinks he wants to salvage it, a breakup up looks … Continue reading

Louder Than Words

  When Ansel (Luke Farley) a young musician comes across Niall (Marty Laufer) dancing his heart out in the school practice rooms he has no idea that hs is deaf.  There is however an immediate attraction between the two but first they have to learn how to communicate their feelings.   This charming and heartfelt … Continue reading

Love and Distance : how queer filmmakers see the Covid 19 Lockdown

  We take our hats off to DEKKOO the leading Queer Subscription Service for not only creating a Short Film Challenge but also being generous with donating $10,000 in Cash Prizes.  It not only eases some of the hardships caused by the pandemic, but it inspired such wonderful creativity with its Love and Distance competition. … Continue reading

Love Blooms aka L’amour debout : a movie grown without purpose or plot

In one symbolic scene in this French sub titled movie the characters, fueled by curiosity, determinedly follow a sleep walker to find out where he is going. It turns out he is not sleepwalking he is just out for the pleasure of a stroll in the garden. If that is all that is wanted from … Continue reading

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