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Mawaan Rizwan and Russell Tovey star in the award-winning UK breakout hit JUICE that is going to Tribeca


Some of the Queerguru Team have never made it much of a secret that they would willingly  have Russell Tovey‘s children.  The openly gay Brit actor and the star of such TV shows/films as Looking and Years and Years  is now co-starring in fabulous funny surreal comedy JUICE that has taken the UK by storm.

Now its coming across the Pond to premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival for Americans to be able to enjoy not just Tovey;s charm but also discover the  sheer genius of Mawaan Rizwaan.  He is not just the openly gay writer and creator of the show but he is the star too for which he has just won BAFTA TV Award for Best Male Comedy Performance,

Juice follows Jamma (Mawaan Rizwan) on his quest for attention as he navigates chaotic family dynamics and literally stumbles through love. Mum, Farida (played by Rizwan’s mother Shahnaz), always makes everything about her, Dad, Saif (Jeff Mirza), ignores him and brother, Isaac (played by Rizwan’s brother Nabhaan ), steals the limelight at work – the one place Jamma feels like he’s doing well. And when he finally does get the validation from boyfriend Guy (Russell Tovey), he can’t handle it. When Jamma’s emotions peak the world physically transforms around him.   

Like us you will of course love Tovey’s performace but if truth be told you will also adore Rizwan .  He is so destined for big things from here on


PS  : you can read Queerguru's Ris Fatah full review of Juice HERE plus if you cannot wait for it to be 
screened in the US you can view it now globally via a VPN

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