Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Lovers and Fighters : a brilliant collection of shorts : sexual surprises, gender fluidity and some serious flip flopping


Mark your calendar, tag the location, Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 at Regent St Cinema Queerguru got so queer that we briefly looped back round to straight and then just kept going because we were having so much fun. The cause of this head spinning roller coaster ride was Fringe! Lovers & Fighters, a brilliantly boggling collection of shorts focusing on sexual surprises, gender fluidity and some serious flip flopping


FLOSS             Popo Fan 15 mins (China, 2019)

Proving that sometimes you have to face your fears a certain movie reviewer had his personal nightmare, which is watching people chew, rubbed in his face with this focus on one half of a couple who hides that he has a fetish for used and soiled dental floss. It was the perfect way to teach us a lesson about why people sometimes find it hard to communicate what they like (our face said everything)



Jamie Di Spirito 17 mins (UK, 2019)

Furthering the topic of the liberation that speaking your truth brings Thrive brought us our current favorite actor in all things related to sexual health, Taofique Folarin. Fresh from lighting up the screen in the NHS supported movie The Grass is Always Grindr Folarin throws his heat behind a movie that breaks down the obstacles to talking about HIV. In this case a little bravery opens up the potential for a happy ever after from a hook up


Anette Sidor 15 mins (Sweden 2018)

And the winner of the award for best straight sex scene for a queer audience goes to….Fuck You!

This has to be one of the sexiest scenes we’ve encountered due to the stone cold confidence of its female lead. Fresh from shoplifting a strap-on from a sex shop Alice is chatting up guys with the line “I just want to hear you moan”. Everyone knows nothing sells better than a confident sales pitch.

I AM MACKENZIE Artemis Anastasiadou 20 mins (USA 2019)

When your body, your gender, and your sexuality are arranged differently to the people around you then there are lessons that you have to learn for yourself.  None of them are easy as this rural Texan skater finds out when trying on a sequin dress for the first time


SWITCH Marion Renard 18 mins (France 2018)

Pairing this movie with Fuck You was what really made our night. Imagine the nightmare of suddenly changing sex right in the middle of, well, sex. Then imagine the dream of being able to do this at will if you meet someone who prefers the other sex. What if you thought this was your secret super power and then you discover other people are doing it as well?  Head spinning yet? It will with this hilarious horror movie


PINK PINK    Youssef Youssef 7 mins (2018)

An anthemic poem to being oneself is the least radical movie of this collection. It was, however, perfectly chosen to be the fade to black closing screen for this curation. Lovers & Fighters was a  =memorable, surprising and fun cartwheel through sexuality and sexual fluidity




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