Sunday, May 21st, 2023

HARTLEY BOATS: new work from PTown Artist GASTON LACOMBE


In 1916, American painter Marsden Hartley spent the summer in Provincetown, during which time he created a number of boat paintings. In 2023, Provincetown artist Gaston Lacombe came across these paintings and was taken under their spell. Inspired by this, Lacombe decided to continue Hartley’s boat paintings, by combining his own colors, esthetics, and ideas to Hartley’s original shapes and design. Lacombe sees this as a conversation and a cooperation between two artists operating at the same place, but at different times. This exhibit connects both with the rich artistic history of Provincetown, as well as with our lively present day community. — in addition to this “official” description, part of the “conversation” I’m symbolically having with Marsden Hartley includes a reflection on the place of queer art and queer artists in this world. He was a queer artist in Provincetown in 1916, and I am one now in 2023. The boats are also a symbol of how far we have navigated between his time and mine, and of how far we still need to forge ahead.

Lacombe told QUEERGURU  This new body of work is an evolution  as I’m not the type of artist who will create the same painting over and and over again and be known as “the guy who does (blank).” I keep experimenting and my work keeps evolving, but my basic esthetic stays the same – bright colors, bold shapes and clean lines. I probably would make a lot more money if I kept making the exact same painting over and over again, because people like predictability, but that’s just not me.

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2023 AT 6 PM – 9 PM
Hartley Boats new work by Gaston Lacombe
Studio Lacombe

Whalers Wharf, Provincetown, Massachusetts.


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