Madam Baterflai

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The sub-title of Argentinian filmmaker Carina Sama’s first documentary movie is ‘diversity within diversity’ which aptly covers this close study of the lives of four transvestites and one transsexual in Bolivia today.  Each of the five have made an extraordinary journey to reach the point of where they are now, and whilst most of have … Continue reading

Made in Bangkok

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When Argentinian film buff Flavio Florencio first went to Mexico some years ago his friends took him to a ‘cantina’ to watch a cabaret full of transvestite performers which totally fascinated him.  He was very curious to know how they all spent their daytime lives off the stage, and he decided that there was probably … Continue reading

Man Made

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  Trans filmmaker T Cooper’s new documentary follows four men as they prepare to compete in Trans Fit Con the only bodybuilding competition in the US  specifically for the trans community.  The contest rules simply state that everyone must identify as trans and as such they allow contestants to enter regardless at what point they are of their … Continue reading

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