Finding Phong

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This documentary is the story of Phong a 20-something-year-old Vietnamese transwoman as she goes about realigning her body to finally becoming the woman she has always rightly felt she was.  The youngest of six siblings, Phong could never identify the source of her deep childhood depression until she left her small village home to go to … Continue reading

From This Day Forward

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‘From This Day Forward’ is a new very personal documentary that adds yet another dimension to the whole transgender dialogue. Filmmaker Sharon Shattock’s very compelling movie is about her own father who began transitioning when she was still in grade school. The news absolutely horrified her and her younger sister, and she all but rejected … Continue reading

FTWTF : Female To What The Fuck

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This second documentary from Austrian filmmakers  Katharina Lampert and Cordula Thym with its most prefect title, tells the story of several people who fit somewhere along the genderqueer spectrum, but most of them are still undecided exactly where they want to be right now on this sliding scale. All of them were born as women but have chosen to … Continue reading

Fucking Different XXY

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For the past 10 years German filmmaker Kristian Petersen has masterminded a whole series of short movies that have explored and pushed the boundaries of gay sexuality and gender-binarities questioning which he has produced under the ‘Fucking Different’ banner.   In 2007 for ‘Fucking Different New York’ Peterson chose six men and six women to … Continue reading

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