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During the opening credits we see a young woman trudging through snowy streets dressed in her bedtime attire and clutching a large scrapbook which she keeps looking at time to time.  The childish drawings are her clue to tracking down the apartment of her best friend Robin which miraculously she manages to do. The year … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews PRIDE when the UK gay community and the Miners got together to defeat Thatcher

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In the summer of 1984 when London’s annual Gay Pride Pride was taking place Mark Ashton (Ben Schnetzer) a young passionate activist (who eerily looked like Morrissey from The Smiths) decided that he wanted to form a Gay & Lesbian group to help support the country’s distressed and embattled miners. U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews’ James Franco’s THE BROKEN TOWER

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This is an obscure and difficult-to-watch movie about an obscure and difficult-to-read poet.  It’s the brief life of Hart Crane a poet and writer well-regarded by his peers but who was one very unhappy homosexual who took his own life in 1932 when he was a mere 33 years old.   In his short career … Continue reading

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