Madam Baterflai

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The sub-title of Argentinian filmmaker Carina Sama’s first documentary movie is ‘diversity within diversity’ which aptly covers this close study of the lives of four transvestites and one transsexual in Bolivia today.  Each of the five have made an extraordinary journey to reach the point of where they are now, and whilst most of have … Continue reading

MARILYN: an Argentinean coming-of-age story that doesnt end well

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  Teenage Marcos (Walter Rodríguez) lives in a remote part of Argentina on his family’s dairy farm with his parents and his elder sibling.  They barely eake out a living to support them all and whilst his mother Olga (Catalina Saavedra) toughened by their daily existence is insistence that Marcos becomes a farm laborer, his … Continue reading

Men Of Hard Skin : a dark abusive coming-of-age tale set in the Argentinian countryside

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  Teenage Ariel (Wall Javier) lives in a large rambling farm outside of Buenos Aires with his machismo father ( Claudio Medina) and older sister (Camila Diez) after his mother had upped and left some years previously. .He’s a major disappointment to his father as he is a quiet sensitive boy who shows no interest … Continue reading

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