Sunday, June 9th, 2013

East Side Story

Diego is 30 years old, and although a Culinary School graduate, is stuck working as a waiter for his Grandmother’s family style Mexican restaurant ‘Tio Pepe’ in East Los Angeles. The restaurant, like the neighborhood, has seen better days but all that is about to change as white gay men (gringos) are about to invade the area. These fearless pioneers are forsaking all the comforts of West Hollywood knowing that they will get more house for their dollars even if it means there is no gym, no Starbucks or no A.A. meeting in the area yet.
Whilst the bigoted local inhabitants are none to happy with this new development closeted gay Diego who has been wanting to move to Phoenix for years soon warms to having Wesley and Jonathan as his new neighbors …. well Wesley in particular who is realising now he is ‘sober’ that maybe  hooking up with a boyfriend at The White Party was not the smartest move since he has turned out to be a real pain.
Diego had been getting his ‘action’ via fantasy role-playing with local Real Estate Broker Pablo who wants to stop their clandestine rendezvous’s as he wants to get married.  To a woman.  He’s a Latino and its expected after all, even if you are gay.  For his ‘intended’ Pablo chooses Diego’s flighty Aunt  Bianca who has just returned back to the family home after blowing yet more of her mother’s money on trying to live the high life in Europe.
In this very affectionate romantic comedy that seems to have more than it’s fair share of cliched stereotypes, there are no surprises at all to the somewhat predictable outcomes: cute and handsome Diego gets his man, tired Grandma gets to retire, pretentious Auntie gets to wake up and smell the roses, and the area gets a fab Nouvelle Cuisine Restaurant. (And a Starbucks ….thank God!).   Despite this ….. or maybe because of it …. its a throughly entertaining joyous wee romp with more than its fair share of laughs and bare-chested hot looking men. Enough to make one think of moving into the ‘hood even.
P.S. It does have some great one liners such as ‘a four way is NOT an orgy’!   But we knew that didn’t we?

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Genres:  coming out, rom-com

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