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Anything’s Possible : a teenage trans love story


This is one of those teen romance stories that you will yourself to like before the opening credits even roll.  Particularly now in the US when each day the media is full of even more anti-trans legislation, it is such a breath of fresh air to see such a positive and uplifting story.

In many ways Anything’sPossible is like a queer take on a John Hughes movie, and it starts with teenage Kelsa (Eva Reign) alone in her bedroom at the computer gently pointing out how her circle of close friends all mirror some sort of animal.  We get the point ….. they are all very different … like Kelsa herself who is openly trans.

It is in Art Class at school when her cozy world with her supportive parents and BFFs gets shaken up when she is partnered with the very cute and easy-going Khal (Abubakr Ali).  They immediately hit it off and quickly become friends outside the school room.  It’s when they both want it to develop it further that they get hung up on what this means to each of their own sexualities.

Kelsa has always been determined that her trans identity is a crucial part of who she is, and the presence of an unexpected boyfriend throws her totally off balance.  As it does to Kahl who wants to follow his natural feelings for her,  but he feels societal pressure that wants to pigeonhole and label him. It is his pitch-perfect performance and that of Reign’s that make this wee groundbreaking feel so very authentic and entirely watchable despite director Billy Porter’s uneven approach. 

Porter,  making his directing debut, seems not to be able to trust the script by Ximena García Lecuona.  As a  filmmaker, Porter is well-meaning but he totally lacks subtlety as witnessed in the past few years when his reputation is much more about his outrageous outfits on Red Carpets than it is for his actual acting skills.

The main story is well plotted and develops nicely to a very convincing finale ….. but the subplots with the secondary characters are never fully developed which is a pity.  Having said that kudos to  Renée Elise Goldsberry who simply shines as Kelsa’s mother.

Porter is the latest in a long line of actors who want to try their hands on the other side of the camera.  I liked his choice of story, but not what he did with it. Maybe he should stick to what he does best.

PS. Queerguru reviewed the World Premiere of “Anything’s Possible” at LA’s Outfest: the movie is now screening on Amazon Prime 


Review : Roger Walker-Dack

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