Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

All About E

All About E is an intriguing Australian lesbian movie that ticks a lot of boxes as it is an energetic crime-caper road movie with a beautiful exotic looking heroine with a very romantic streak that has some very sensual girl-on-girl action that has been wowing crowds Down Under and is now destined to do the same  in the rest of the World.
It is the story of E …. real name that Elmira …. a beautiful and very sexy Arabic/Australian girl who is a much-in-demand DJ at a Sydney gay club. It’s however not just the great music that she plays that makes her so popular as she also always manages to end up with a different girl in her bed each night too.  She shares an apartment with her gay best friend who is also her manager and costume designer, and when her traditional Lebanese parents put pressure on her about settling down, Matt becomes her ‘husband’ too. 
E did have a regular girlfriend called Trish but after E gave up her promising classical music career and did a somewhat shady deal with Johnny Rock the owner of the club,  and  also kept on insisting that she was just a room-mate to her inquisitive parents, Trish left her to go back home to the country.
One day E and Matt discover that they have inadvertently ended up with a bag crammed full of cash which they decide to keep so that they can now open their own Club. However the money belongs to Johnny Rock and he wants it back immediately to use it to finance some more of his illegal activities, and when the pair discover this they quickly flee the city with Johnny in hot pursuit. They naturally head for the only person who may give them safe haven, but E knows that if Trish agrees it will come at a heavy price.  And it comes sooner than she thinks as Johnny catches up with them and they are all forced to make some tough choices.
This impressive first feature film from writer/director Louise Wadley which packs a lot in, plays really well mainly due to convincing performances of the two female leads Mandahla Rose and Julia Billington who really sizzle together particular in their scenes of intimacy which is a marked highlight of the story.  In fact this highly entertaining film has very high production values for a mini-budget indie movie, and the only jarring note is of the rather strained and hammy acting of both Simon  Bolton (Johnny Rock) and Brett Rogers (Matt) that unfortunately caused more than the occasional grimace.

All About E – Original Trailer from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.

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