This award-winning explicit and powerful movie is shocking on every level.  It covers a moment in recent British/Irish history that those of us who can remember, want desperately to forget.  This is the struggles in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s when a group of IRA prisoners are incarcerated in the notorious Maze Prison for a … Continue reading


FDR was evidently quite the whizz at fooling a lot of people a lot of the time, and yet when he was found out, it appears he was always forgiven.  Eventually. With the co-operation of the media who never photographed him a wheelchair most of the American general public never knew that they were re-electing … Continue reading


The ‘hyena’ in this slick and brutal crime thriller is a burly bent copper called Michael Logan who plays so closely with fire, he is definitely going to get more than his fingers burned if things turn out as badly as they probably will. The film opens with Logan taking a call and then driving … Continue reading


At the end of 19th Century in Victorian England there was no such term as ‘orgasm’, well for women anyway, and probably no need for one because according to this rather absurd comic movie, they weren’t getting them anyway. Many wealthy older women would traipse to Dr Robert Dalrymple’s Consulting Rooms displaying an array of … Continue reading


Lifetime reached new depths with their latest TV Movie about poor wretched Donatella Versace that was excruciatingly painful to watch.  This bio-pic made without any input from family was mainly a work of fiction and essentially about how Ms V was really the power and talent behind the throne when her brother was the star … Continue reading

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