Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Daddy’s Boy

daddy's boy

Filmmaker Daniel Armando‘s sensual essay about four young men’s shedding their inhibitions and some of their clothing discovering their unfolding sexuality in a series of rather intense vignettes set in different scenarios around New York . None have a story of such, and are not inter-related, and they are each shot provocatively with hints of nudity very stylized in black and white. The result is visually very beautiful and totally alluring, but also completely surreal.  Viewed as an art piece it’s positively intriguing, but as a experimental movie it comes across so unsure like the odd bewildering uncertainty that it actually is. 

Whether Armando’s movie has a life beyond the LGBT Film Festival circuit remains to be seen, but despite my initial reticence when I first viewed it, I’ll confess that I’ve been mulling it over in my mind ever since, which is never a bad sign

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