Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

Womb Envy: or when your best gay male friend gets pregnant too


From Charlie David’s Border To Border Entertainment (‘I’m A Porn Star‘ ‘Pat Rocco Dared‘ ‘Drag Heals‘ etc comes a new hilarious queer series WOMB ENVY.

This is the story of Max (Daniel F.K. Fernandes) approaching his 30th birthday and feeling he is stuck in a rut. He’s had enough of Toronto gay dance floors and is seeking ‘a purpose in life“. But what he is about to get is far from what he wished for,  or ever wanted.

One day his childhood friend Maggie (Storm Steenson) turns up on his doorstep and is very much pregnant. She is also single and desperate to escape the clutches of her religious zealot mother, Dorothy (Helen Holtham), and the small town they grew up in.  Mary convinces him to pretend to be her baby daddy since he was the only man her mother ever approved of, after reminding him of the years she spent being his “fake girlfriend” as a teen.

They create rules to ensure the success of their half-baked idea, which splinters Max’s fragile queer ego to create a drag queen apparition – The Divine (Champagna) – who constantly fights against this new assimilation to heteronormativity. Confusing things even more, Max soon falls head over heels in love with their Lamaze instructor, Patrick (Jeffrey Haase) which throws a huge wrench in their charade for Dorothy.

Internalizing the chaos in his life, Max develops a rare condition known as couvade syndrome, bizarrely displaying pregnancy symptoms that become increasingly more difficult to hide, even from his new crush Patrick, who is partially sighted. Everything in their lives quickly unravels, leaving Max and Maggie to pick up the pieces in time to welcome their babies into the world and into a new nuclear family.

P.S, You can watch this series on OUTTV  Vimeo Amazon Prime, Border to Border etc.



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