Friday, February 20th, 2015

Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

Waxie Moon is an outrageous gender-bender burlesque queen whose raison d’etre is as a lanky mustached performance art diva striding around her personal kingdom in Seattle in raunchy outfits on dangerous high heels. She is evidently ‘a very big thing’ in the capital of Washington state, something that is very evident is this oddball movie with an assortment of local characters falling over themselves to be her best friend and confidante. Waxie, the creation of classically trained dancer Marc Kenison, and his girl friends are looking for love in all the wrong places in this camp parody of a classic Hollywood ‘B’ picture
With its very thin plot and its cast trying to outdo each other’s hammy performance, the production’s only hope trying to keep us entertained it just with Waxie’s constantly changing wardrobe. The real problem is that the whole movie is just a excuse for a group of assorted rather self-absorbed actors/performers who are obviously good mates and intent if having fun with each other, and  who seem totally disinterested if we get any of their insider jokes.  The one thing that is totally clear from the very first scene is that this particular brand of humor that Waxie et el practice does not travel well.  Whilst they may be hailed as comic geniuses on their home turf, it all comes out totally flat and unfunny on the screen to us who have never had the benefit of seeing them perform live.
The city of Seattle and it’s landmarks are the location for the movie which will please its locals who will probably be the only people who will find all this frenetic action even remotely funny. 

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