THE LETTER MAN possibly the best true queer WW2 romance ever to reach the screen

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  THE LETTER MEN is based on the real love letters written by Gordon Bowsher to his sweetheart, Gilbert Bradley. Their love letters were exchanged throughout World War II, between the years of 1938 and 1941, but were not uncovered until 2017. The two men met in Devon in the UK in 1938, only to … Continue reading

Germany will (finally) officially commemorate LGBTQ victims of Nazis

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Sometimes good news is a long time coming .  In this case …almost 70 years!   Ir has just been announced that for the first time ever he German parliament has decided that it will for the first time commemorate LGBTQ victims of the Nazi regime.   At last those who were persecuted and annihilated for … Continue reading

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