Sunday, November 4th, 2012


When 17 year old Romain is caught filming  himself on his cellphone whilst masturbating in a Biology Class in School, the outraged Principal sends for his mother and proceeds to give her a dressing down for her parenting skills.  The rather bemused mother uses the occasion to persuade her husband to finally give his son a man-to-man talk about sex, but he goes about it so cackhandedley the teenager ends up in tears.  As do we (almost) by the end of this rather turgid movie that makes such heavy work of sex that according to the way that this family go about it, is neither erotic or God forbid, actual fun.
There is very little plot beyond the three generations of this family having intercourse as often as they can and we are spared any details about their lives outside of the bedroom.  Newly widowed Grandfather is the only one with some sense of purpose as he seeks some comfort from his grief in the arms of the local good hearted prostitute.
Most of the 87 minutes is full on graphic sex but discreetly filmed so all genitalia is out of sight.  It is not good enough to pass as bad soft pornography.
At the beginning of the move the virginal Romain complains bitterly   ‘everybody’s fucking except for me and it’s driving me crazy!’ When he finally got laid, it put a big smile on his face (and creepily on his parent’s faces too) but not on mine.
I can think of so many better things to do than watch this, but this is really not that kind of Blog!

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