Life Is Easy : until you swap bodies with you BF

      Life Is Easy  is a manically paced farcical web series  from New Zealand that puts its own cute spin on the old ‘B Movie’ dilemma of body swapping.  Written by and starring pansexual actress Chye-Ling Huang and out gay actor Cole Jenkins as Jamie Li and Curtis. It’s the story of  a young gay … Continue reading

    Liz in September

    When Eva is on her way to her vacation her car breaks down in a small isolated coastal town and the local garage mechanic announces that the engine has blown and so she knows she is stranded.  She’s already slightly razzled as she is grieving from the recent death of her only son and has … Continue reading

    London Pride 2016 : Queer Punks first ever Float

      With no ‘live’ PRIDE Parades this year (with the one exception of Taipei in Taiwan),  QUEERGURU is looking back at one of the great ones from the past. In London’s Parade in 2016 there was the first every official entry of some Queer Punks.  It’s so surprising that it took so long as the … Continue reading

    Longing Nights

    From newbie Spanish writer/director Tiago Leão  comes this overwhelmingly sad docudrama of four 20 something year olds who seek pleasure whenever and with whoever they can to escape the sheer loneliness of their lives.  Set in the night streets of Madrid, these four separate different stories are each steeped in the same world of sex … Continue reading

    Man At Bath aka ‘Homme au Bain’

    Emmanuel is a man of very few words, a hustler and the live-in lover of Omar.  They live in an apartment in a tower block in Gennevilliers a working class suburb of Paris. When Omar announces that he is going to New York for a week to work on a film project, an angry Emmanuel … Continue reading

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