SWARM …. inspired by a condition of self struggle. ….by Nir Arieli & Yarden Lior.

      In times of isolation and solitude, ‘Swarm’ presents a movement segment inspired by a condition of self struggle. The part-staged part-improvised dance piece explores the space between the longing for connection and the loss of sanity. The point of touch with each other (hands) and with the earth (feet) was painted to symbolize the … Continue reading

    Queerguru’s pick of MUST SEE FILMS @ Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Fest

    Palm Springs with its growing LGBTQ community is often called the Ptown of the West.  In fact, it shares many of the snowbirds who flit between the two coasts when the weather starts to change.  Both towns also have excellent film Festivals, although the Palm Springs Edition is totally LGBTQ.   Held at Cinema Diverse … Continue reading

    Testosterone Volume 3 of gay short films

      TLA Releasing have compiled this third volume in their Testosterone Series, and as good as this selection is, we’re still unsure, exactly why the anthology deserves such a title. 1992 : this award winning nostalgic film from France is the tale of 17 year old Martin (Louis Duneton) who is left to his own … Continue reading

    The Bearded Ladies Cabaret bring LATE NIGHT SNACKS to the FRINGE ARTS FESTIVAL

      Since 1997 the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival has been providing opportunities for contemporary performing artists to connect with audiences in an exciting social environment. . Today, the annual  Festival features more than 1,000 performances by national, international, and Philadelphia-based artists of all disciplines. For 4 weeks, these innovators fill the public and private spaces across … Continue reading

    The Boys of Brazil aka Pink Pact

    This painfully unfunny dramady starts and ends with a group of four closeted gay friends at São Paulo’s Gay Parade, one of the largest in the world. As the Parade ends one of them is gay-bashed and after the beat the thugs off, they make a pact that by the time of next year’s Parade … Continue reading

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